FAB meeting announced

Our next FAB meeting will be at 5.30 at the Council House on Tuesday 23rd September. At the meeting we will set meetings until the end of the year and into the new year. We want to consider alternative venues, returning to City Council offices Quarterly with regular meetings at Birmingham City Council offices at Lancaster circus. University of Birmingham have kindly extended there invitation for occasional meeting at their campus and the group are going to consider any other locations.

Lorraine Cookson FAB Chair has visited the Mayor and City of Leipzig this week, to consider closer links with other International cities and how we might work together, in delivering a fairer and more sustainable society.


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  • Open says:

    Dear Dale,We are an Architectural Practice in London, specialising in satiasnuble developments. Recently we have been working on a Government research paper to develop planning guidelines for satiasnuble suburbs. Our hypothesis for the study being that the infrastructure is fundamental to a truly satiasnuble community, and if an innovative, adaptable system is implemented from the start then good quality housing and new businesses will follow and communities will thrive. When we speak of infrastructure we include energy, transportation, water recycling, education and community facilities. Our intention is to create a collaborative network of public and private partners to deliver an infrastructure, which will allow communities to adapt and evolve as they grow.We are planning to put together a team to prepare development proposals for various sites and we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and run through our ideas in more detail. The proposals would benefit greatly from your input and we imagine that Ecotricity could be ideal partners for future developments.We look forward to hearing from youJill Ingram AbbottType3 studio

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