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Supplier in the Spotlight

I have been working with Auroville Papers based in  Pondicherry, South India for nearly two years now and a result a very humbling experience. They pride themselves on the quality and creativity of their products which are also produced in an ethical way. They are renowned for making exceptionally gorgeous notebooks and sketch books made […]

Fairtrade Flagship Employers Wanted!

Birmingham will be celebrating 10 years of being a Fairtrade City later this year and Fairtrade Birmingham (the organisation that maintains the City’s Fairtrade status) is looking for Fairtrade Employers who would be willing to become Flagship Fairtrade Employers for the City. To become a Fairtrade Employer you need to ensure that Fairtrade products are […]

Supplier in the Spotlight

As the world economy limps and prods it’s way through various obstacles and whirlwinds, the focus has entirely shifted to consumers in the west. What we choose to buy shapes the lives of people on the other side of the world, be it food, clothes or other essential accessories. But it seems we have lost […]


  You are warmly invited to the official launch of Peace Hub, a new centre opened by Central England Quakers. What is Peace Hub? Quakers believe that a just and peaceful world is possible if we work together to make change in our own lives and to build local, national and international structures that support peace & justice. […]

An Appeal from Traidcraft

Margaret Sentamu rallies churchgoers to show they care this Christmas. Margaret Sentamu is urging churches throughout the country to show they care this festive season and send a personal Christmas greeting to marginalised members of their community. The campaign is spearheaded by the UK’s leading fair trade organisation Traidcraft, which has launched Charity Christmas Card […]

Is Fairtrade relevant ?

Fairtrade has never claimed to be a panacea for everything from Climate change to poverty alleviation but what it does, is to raise consciousness in the masses, that there is an alternative model for business. Though Fairtrade originated as a charitable model, it’s method and mode of operation has changed over the years with more […]

Fair Trade to Climate Change

Fair Trade is a trading partnership based on mutual respect, transparency, equality, sustainable development and the rights of the marginalised producers. As  a member of Fair Trade Association of Birmingham and someone who runs ‘Rangoli‘, an ‘ethically sourced’ handicrafts business in Birmingham, I would like to take this opportunity to say that Fair Trade can […]